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One of the most important factors in “getting a cool job in motorsports” is determination. There are so many different ways to get into the business. Below is a list for each JOB SEEKER to consider.....

(1) There is the
“working from the bottom up” option by finding a low level job at a dealership and working your way to the top with sheer determination. It might take time but the training along the way will prepare you for a successful future in the motorsports industry.

(2) Or there is the driving side, where you have the
skill set to operate a motorcycle or ATV in a competitive professional setting, like Motocross. If you are one of these rare few, over the years you will bump elbows with all facets of the industry and be able to find which segment fits you best when your competition days are over.

Many get started in the industry as motorcycle/ATV technicians who, over many years, can move up the food chain and become the lead mechanic in their shop or dealership. Another route that take time but the training along the way is invaluable.

(4) For those who love the industry and the people in it, you don’t have to ride a motorcycle or know how to swap out an engine
if you have a background in sales/marketing. If your skill set and past positions have prepared you for sales and promotion, the motorsports industry might be the coolest job you have ever had!
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There are many hurdles for each “Cool Job” listed above but as is the case in all things in this life, it is the most determined that usually succeed! I would say that for the most part people enter the motorsports arena looking for a career due to a passion for some part of the sport.

Compared to other industries, the potential return in salary may not be necessarily equal, but if you ask current motorsports employees, the rewards far outweigh this financial reality!

In the end, each individual will have to personally decide whether they want to wake up in the morning with a future they are looking forward to that may mean less money or go slug it out every day for the rest of your life for a little be more money for a job you cannot stand. Find where your passion lies.

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